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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Went riding with the "green" team at Mt. Agamenticus. Ride was great. First day of 2006 for shorts and t-shirts.

Not much to say. Just had a good time.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 31 rides , 71.5 hours

commute - 270 miles

7 -ss

Friday, March 26th, 2006

Rode from my house today, in search of a way to ride all the way to the bike shop on dirt. I was pretty sucsessful. The ride is all on 4 wheeler trails, with about 1 mile of pavement. I think I can remove the major portion of the road, with just I little bit of trailbuilding. Now thatit has warmed up a bit, I think that I am going to try and commute to work via woods. Just for a change of pace.

We'll see.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 30 rides , 68.5 hours

commute - 270 miles

6 -ss


what to do on your lunch break ...

Well if you goto the Boat Building School here in Kennbunk, you:

1.) smoke copious amonts of ganga
2.) goto to local bike shop
3.) buy old tandem
4.) tell the bike shop guys that you are going to use the tandem for "jumping" and "commuting"
5.) dream about all the gas you are going to save, and then dream about how much weed you can buy with it.

and finally

6.) let the bike shop guys take your picture.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Commuted Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Was 50 and sunny today. Finally!

I was searching around the interent for cool bikes to weld up and I came across this. I cant wait to build one.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 29 rides , 66 hours

commute - 270 miles

5 -ss


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today was my first MTB ride in 8 days.

First day of spring!

Went for a quick SS ride this morning from my house. Still fighting some sort of cold. Had no energy on the bike. Going to try again tomorrow and see how I feel.

Berk getting ready for the ride

The dogs had a great time.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 29 rides , 66 hours

commute - 240 miles

5 -ss

Monday, March 20, 2006

Commuted by necessity today. Still friggen cold. Wasn't much more than 30 degrees. First day of spring tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a MTB ride in.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 28 rides , 65 hours

commute - 240 miles

4 -ss


new album up

Just some random photos that I found on my computer ..



Saturday, March 18, 2006

Commuted back and forth to work today. It was forced do to the fact that my car is sitting broken down in Portland. Luckily, Pat was nice enough to let me put it in his driveway.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 28 rides , 65 hours

commute - 230 miles

4 -ss


sweeping the nation ...

... at least Pat thinks so.

Traffic bikes.


under the weather

All week I have had this nagging cold. It has taken just enough out of me so that I am not riding. Going to commute home tonight. I hope I can kick this soon. Must ride.

This is pic of me after my bachelor party. Thank god I dont feel that bad.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 28 rides , 65 hours

commute - 220 miles

4 -ss


have you ever had a day ...

... that made you so angry that you are supposed to be sleeping but you are so mad, that you can't and you are writing about it in your blog.

Days like that make you wonder.

This pic is one of my favorites. Commuting along with the dog, and plenty of time to think.


unbelieveable ...

This is an actual chat:

XXXXXXXXX (4:45:21 PM): like yesterday i was powerwashing my friends driveway
XXXXXXXXX (4:45:33 PM): got tired so we went to home depot to get a mexican to do it
billybikerbilly (4:45:39 PM): shut up!
XXXXXXXXX (4:45:41 PM): they all stand there begging for you to pick them
billybikerbilly (4:45:46 PM): NO WAY!
XXXXXXXXX (4:45:52 PM): yes
billybikerbilly (4:45:56 PM): YOU ARE LYING
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:00 PM): nope
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:04 PM): took one home
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:07 PM): gave him lunch
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:13 PM): all he wanted was 10 an hour
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:17 PM): worked until dark
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:29 PM): worst thing you ever saw
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:34 PM): at least they dont beg
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:39 PM): but what a tuff life
billybikerbilly (4:46:45 PM): this is a real story
XXXXXXXXX (4:46:52 PM): yes
XXXXXXXXX (4:47:14 PM): mexicans hang out here on corners and wait for people to pick them up for manual labor
billybikerbilly (4:47:20 PM): You made a concious decision to go to home dept to get a mexican?
XXXXXXXXX (4:47:26 PM): home depot
XXXXXXXXX (4:47:31 PM): i didnt my friend did
billybikerbilly (4:48:16 PM): NO WAY!
XXXXXXXXX (4:48:20 PM): \i was doing the driveway as best as I could while they were away
XXXXXXXXX (4:48:23 PM): powerwashing sucks
billybikerbilly (4:48:41 PM): how much did you give this guy?
billybikerbilly (
4:48:55 PM): did you bring him back to HD?
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:02 PM): yes my friend did
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:13 PM): i think he gave him 10 an hour and through in an extra 20
billybikerbilly (4:49:16 PM): what do you talk about in the car?
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:23 PM): i wasnt in the car
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:26 PM): i met him at the house
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:29 PM): nice guy
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:33 PM): just wanted to work
billybikerbilly (4:49:38 PM): un believable
XXXXXXXXX (4:49:50 PM): i take it that doesnt happen in maine
billybikerbilly (4:49:56 PM): no, not exactly

warm weather .. ice cream cone

It is 50 degrees here in Maine today. I might go get an ice cream cone.

MMMMM dipped.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Went to Mt.A with Marcio. 4 hours of single-speed suffering. Trails are just starting to get muddy. This week the trails are going to be a mess. Couldn't stop thinking about my new Pereira.

Oh yeah, I ordered my first custom MTB about a week ago. I am going to get a steel SS frame from a small frame builder that I worked with back in SLC. Check out his website if you have a chance.


The frame is supposed to show up around the middle of MAY!

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 28 rides , 65 hours

commute - 212 miles

4 -ss

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Commuted in today. First day of 2006 with no GLOVES!! WOO HOO! Turned out to be 50 and sunny most of the day.

On a side note. I hit my first car of the year. I was off to pick up a tasty sandwich for lunch and watched a red truck come to a complete stop on a side street. Convinced that it was safe to go, the truck pulled out right in front of me. I managed to slow down to about 5mph, but hit the truck right in the drivers door. So here I am staring right into the eyes of the guy the just tried to kill me. He rolled donw his window and said with concern, "Are you ok, I am so sorry, are you ok"

I'm fine, my are you such a jackass?

"I'm fine, didn't you see me coming?"

"No," he said.

"Pay more attention, bikes are everywhere."

"I am so sorry are you sure your ok?"

"I'm fine," and I rode away.

"not actual truck"

The kicker to this story is that today was the day that I was going to take the studded tires off my bike. Unluckily for him, I hadn't had a chance to get it done yet. When I pulled away from that red truck, there was definatley a dent with about 5-6 deep scratches from the studs.

Poor red truck.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 27 rides , 61 hours

commute - 227 miles

3 -ss


Pat Hacklemans Bachelor Party

I hosted Pat's BP last summer. I am just now getting around to post the photos of the event.

It started with a random draw 2 on 2 b-ball tourney. Next, it went to a no limit texas hold'em tourney, and lastly Jimmy jumped thru the bonfire.

A great time was had by all.


Also, check back often for more pics, now that I have figured out how to put pictures online. There will be links in the side bar on the right side of this page.

Congrats Pat!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pat and I rode the trails ut behind the shop today. Pretty dreary day, misting the whole time.

MMM - Billy riding a wheelie, about to go over backwards, and grabs the front brake. Let me tell you about how that doesnt stop you from go over backwards. No matter how hard you squeeze it.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 27 rides , 61 hours

commute - 212 miles

3 -ss

high bike action photos ...

Dedicated to Barry Fein, who continues to suffer in the "real world"


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

This morning I rode with Marcio, a friend of the bike shop. In August, Marcio and I are competing in the "24 hours of Great Glen". We are going to race the "double single" category. Basically 2 guys riding rigid single speeds for 24 hours straight. I am sure that it will be an experience, to say the least.

The ride was good. Marcio tried to bunny hop a log and landed hard enough on his head to break his helmet. He was OK.

Weather is starting to get a bit nicer. 40 and sunny today .. with 50 coming this weekend.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 26 rides , 59.5 hours

commute - 212 miles

2 -ss


Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Rode from my house to clifford park on the SS. Trails were great. Did a lap around the race course and timed myself. I wanted to get an idea of where I stood compared to the people that raced last year. you know some sort of baseline. Granted that half of the trails were snow covered, and I had to walk up a bunch of the hills that I can normailly ride. It took me 37 minutes to do a lap. The guy that won the SS class last year averaged 25 minutes a lap, over 3 laps.

Man, I got a ways to go.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 25 rides , 57 hours

commute - 212 miles

1 -ss

Monday, March 6, 2006

Commuted in on the HighBike. Got a bunch of weird looks. Go Figure. Even took it to the bank in Lower Village. Can't wait until town is packed, and I have a fleet of these things.

Totals (since december 1, 2005)

trail - 24 rides , 53.5 hours

commute - 212 miles


High bike ...

Well I bought my first welder on Friday.

Here is my first project:

Yup, thats a high bike. You basically weld one bike on top of another. Stay tuned for ridiculous bike projects coming out of my garage.